The Joint is Officially Live

#The Joint is Live Toro

Last Friday, the Joint opened its doors to the public for the first time at its grand re-opening and it was amazing. The drinks were flowing, the music was pumping and the crowd was bustling.

I was there as a bartender, making drinks, taking orders and meeting just who our clientele were going to be. It was my first-ever bartending shift. Before the doors opened, the butterflies in my stomach began to multiply with each passing hour. The other girls and I took our minds off our jitters by doing whatever odd jobs we could find. Once the doors were open, the nerves all melted away. It was showtime.

I could really feel the excitement in the air once the crowd began to file in. The team was enthusiastic to put our best faces forward and the crowd was thrilled to be a part of something so new. Most of the conversations I had throughout the night had to do with people loving the vibe of the bourbon speakeasy. It’s no easy feat turning a dingy basement beneath a BBQ joint into a cool, new local watering hole for business execs and uni students alike, but The Joint has done just that.

The music is what really set the tone for the night. With live performances from Late Night Sanity and Barbie Gone Bad, the level of energy in the room skyrocketed. It was clear that everybody was having a great time with great drinks and great food.

Behind the bar, the energy was the same. The girls and I were having just as great a time serving as the people who were celebrating. It makes a huge difference if you are able to enjoy your work and the people who you work with genuinely. The management team was just as easy going and it really helped to make the night as smooth as it was.

Overall, the Joint’s opening night was fun, relaxed, and entertaining and if that’s the atmosphere I can expect to walk into for every shift, then I can’t wait to get back for round two!


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