Grung to Hip Hop / Killing It

Opening Night Band

Late Night Sanity is a Toronto based group that doesn’t limit themselves to a singular genre. The experimental band effortlessly flows from pop, to rock, to hip hop and does it in a way that feels as natural as breathing.

I first heard the band during the opening night of the Joint, a new bourbon speakeasy in the financial district. When you think of the kind of crowd that frequents spots in the financial district, you may not think that they would be the target audience for a loud, headbanging rock n’ roll concert, but Late Night Sanity is able to cater to all through all sorts of genres.

The most surprising aspect had to be the first time the band shifted from a rock song to a sultry hip hop tune. The two blended together almost seamlessly. It wasn’t until about 30 seconds in I had even realised the band hadn’t been playing hip hop all night. To switch from genre to genre, but to still be able to keep the crowd’s energy up and to have the flow not feel disrupted or disjointed is incredibly difficult and is something that Late Night Sanity seems to have mastered.

I can also commend Late Night Sanity on their ability to adapt their giant sound to the environment. While there was quite a crowd, the space we were in was quite small. The four piece band could have easily overpowered the space, however, they held back in order to allow for conversations to still flow about the room.

Late Night Sanity was a great addition to the opening night festivities and they really helped to set the vibe right for a Friday night.


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